Temporary Press publishes books around art and design with an interest in ideas and practices exploring alternative or incidental notions of design. With limited resources, the press relies on economical design and production methods, often with a black-only Risograph and simple tools. Based in Singapore since 2018, Temporary Press is run by gideon-jamie and distributed internationally by Idea Books (ideabooks.nl). Contact us via email (temporarypress@gideon-jamie.com) or IG (@temporarypress

The Ways We Live Singapore 2


edited by Nadia Wagner, Gideon Kong, and Jamie Yeo, 2019

designed by gideon-jamie

edition of 500
84 pages, offset printed
206mm × 250mm, softcover (pad bound & hole-punched)

ISBN 978-981-14-1873-0

This book contains object inventories (thumbnails) of house interiors in Singapore photographed and studied by Interior Design students in a project led by Nadia Wagner. They are sorted into loose categories that could be rearranged and further interpreted by the reader (pages are pad bound/tearable and hole-punched for this purpose). The front and back cover contain two student-contributed indexes for more complex layers of reading beyond the broad categories that structure the publication.